Monday, January 2, 2017

Out With the Old, In With the New

This week seemed a little long. To start it off, my companion decided to take a chance and bike across these two wooden planks over a little poop water trench. I did not follow, I was not to sure it was a good idea! The next thing I knew her front tire slipped off and then into the water and she went all the way forward and then her back tier followed and then she was all in the water. Kind of like when a camel stands up they go all the way forward and then all the way back. I looked at her and her face! Priceless! She was still in bike position just hanging on the the handles, so funny! I immediately started laughing and thought I should get a photo of this, but then I thought I should probably help her, so I did. All the pamphlets we had were just soaked, her dutch bijbel, soaked! We decided she should probably take a shower so we went back home. So funny!!! I was dying that whole day just thinking back to that moment of her in the water!

This week was New Years, and here they go all crazy for new years. If you remember last year the whole week it is fireworks! We went to bed at 10:30 and the fireworks were already well under way. A while later I wake up to just huge loud fireworks! It literally sounded like a war and it felt as if they were setting them off on our roof!!! I was so confused because I forgot it was new years and it scared me for a second, but then I looked at the time and it was 12:03....Happy New Year! I  tried to go back to sleep but it took some time though. 

Speaking of the new year, we are focusing on a new year's resolution; we are inviting the members to pick their gift to Christ this year. I read about this in a book my mom sent tells about a Christmas tradition where they would pick a gift to Christ for that year and look back on the old one from the previous year to see how you did. I like this idea and thought it would be perfect for the new year season! Some members said their resolution would be to go to church every Sunday and some said they will be more kind to others. I chose one myself; to be valiant in my testimony in Christ, to stand up for it. I want to keep my beliefs and standards no matter what people may think or say. I want to be brave and be valiant in my testimony even if I might be the only one standing. I will never really be the only one, I have my brother Jesus Christ by my side and my Father in Heaven on the other side. 

I have also started something new. It is something an elder said in our leadership meeting that the sister training leaders and the zone leaders and district leaders meet up and plan for our goals that transfer, and one of the zone leaders said he started writing the moment he felt the spirit after each lesson. So I have started to write down what made me feel the spirit in the lesson. and it has helped me have a good attitude and always be happy and positive! I love it! 

I love being here on a mission and serving the Lord. I hope you all have an amazing new year ahead of you! 

Zuster Parker

Celebrating the New Year

Found a pretty butterfly on our window after church

Our district presidents baby, she is the cutest!

This frog was chilling on my skirt during the lesson.

Little kids love my comp!

When your comp falls in a poop trench....and all our stuff was soaked...

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