Monday, January 9, 2017

Song Gone Wrong...

Well this week we had zone conference! So president Eckbert came to Suriname and we got to see him and have a great spiritual meeting. Well it was all going great and we ate lunch in the middle of it then went back to it. But to start us of we had a musical number. They asked North Zone (us) to do it. Well an hour before this whole meeting we practiced the song. It was one I and the other sisters, most of the missionaries did not know. I had never heard it before and us sisters were struggling getting the right tune down. Well the elders decided to have the sisters only sing on the second verse. Big mistake! We thought we had it kind of down but when it came to performance time we did not.... the 1st verse was good, all of us sang. Next came our part, and now take into mind there are only 4 sisters and like 8 elders up here singing; well we started and I squeaked, and then me and zr. Vernes lost it and started laughing so hard!!! You know that kind of laugh attack you get and you can not stop and it just keeps coming! No matter how hard I prayed it did not stop, and me laughing made zr Vernes start laughing and zr. Vernes started laughing made me laughing more! So we could not sing and zr. Baker was laughing but could still sort of sing but poor zr. Bokai! She held it together and sang it all! One of the elders joined in and sang with her. but i couldn't, and it was in front of the president! I was soooooo embarrassed! Why did the elders had to choose that song that no one knew! Anyways I felt so bad for ruining it! But it is all good. Let it go and move on.
We moved to a new apartment! and wow....the nicest one I have ever lived in on my mission. I feel like I am living in a vacation home. We live on the top floor and so we have this nice beautiful balcony; we eat breakfast there and we do our morning exercise there to. Sometimes even lunch. It is a great apartment! While moving the things into the new apartment the senior couple came and helped us out with their truck. They had us pile everything in there and there was still some room so we did not have to carry anything on our bikes going over there. It is super close to where we used to live so me and zr Baker just biked. I took advantage of that and put everything in the truck. not having any burdens on me and I felt so light while biking! Zr. baker decided to just keep it all on her bike. While we were biking I was pondering on this and realized that this is kind of like the atonement. Sometimes we choose to carry all this unnecessary burden on us because we think the savior has enough burdens to carry, we do not want to add any more to his "truck", when in fact he has the room and the strength to carry it. No problem. Christ will always carry all our burdens, not just some of them. Not just till the truck is full, but ALL our burdens. This is because of the atonement. He already carried everything so we do not have to. We can have that light free bike ride. I am so grateful for all that the Savior has done for me and everyone else. 

I love you all and hope you have an amazing week! Lobi

Zuster Parker

Our new house!!

Our beautiful balcony!!

Sister Baker, eating breakfast outside.

Too much food!!

Me and sister Baker

How the elders like to avoid the rains nowadays.

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