Monday, January 16, 2017

Not Just Spiritual Punches Overhere, But ...

I feel like I always have something funny happen to me! Here's another story! So yesterday we had district conference and all the members in Suriname were there. Wow, the building was packed! It felt soo good such great people A LOT of people and it felt like a normal church! So many people (well, about average amount of people for wards in the US, but a lot of people for here). I got to see all the members I knew! Oh so many whom I love so much and have missed so much! I could feel the love! Well....I was eating a little sandwich that one of the members gave to me, and I was walking through the hall of the church and I was talking to my companion who was behind me and as I turned around and turned the corner this girl came out of nowhere and I ran into her!...Well, I didn't but my sandwich did! I basically punched her in the face near her eye with my sandwich.... she looked so confused and had the bread dust on her face from my sandwhich! Oh my gosh this poor little girl! I felt so bad! Haha and I said sorry but then I had to leave because I was about to laugh! The other sisters saw and we all just laughed once we were out of sight! So funny! She was alright not hurt and still happy. But oh man... so funny! 

One of our investigators is on date for the 28th of January and he was a past investigator and was dropped because he was not taking it seriously (he is 14 yrs old). Then a few months later he just showed up to church with a nice white shirt, and his Book of Mormon and he told us he came back because he knows that it is good and right and wants to be baptized. We had just fasted for a baptism and now he was our answer! We had a spiritual confirmation that he is ready! We are so excited for him! 

We had a district meeting this Tuesday about missionary work basically and it was so motivating! I am so motivated to give these last 2 months my all! Really push and give everything to the Lord! One of the elders was telling about an experience he had where he asked himself "Am I doing what Christ would do if He was here?". I loved that because it really makes you think about how hard you are working and where your mind is at. Another one was on how we can find joy in working hard. "Only when we have 100% dedication do we have 100% joy". As a missionary this is how we can get rid of depression, homesickness, loneliness, tiredness. Giving 100% will give us the joy, and a joy that is remarkable and indescribable. I am so incredibly grateful to be here on a mission and that I have a little extra time here to give it all to the Lord, to give back to Him. I know I could never be able to repay him, but I can do something and I am so grateful that I can!

I love you all and hope you have an amazing week! 

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