Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wednesday 9/9/2015 Yo yo yo!

    So let me start out with a super embarrassing story!  So this happened to me this week! In my lesson with Julio (one of my investigators, who is also my teacher); He has three kids, and I was teaching him about families and how God blesses them and instead of saying your kids will be so happy! I said our kids will be so happy!!! Three times and had no idea!! I went into the classroom and he came in and corrected me. We were all laughing!! It was so funny but embarrassing!! yeah!! Haha   
    Also I found out that Suriname has schawarmas!!! I am so happy I almost cried when I found out!

    The elders in my zone are now talking to me and I am becoming good friends with them! But they leave on Monday!! So that sucks!! Oh today two new sisters came in my zone yay!! They are going to Denmark! I will still be a part of my trio which is good because I fricken love them!! I can see the growth in myself from only 4 weeks!! It is crazy!! I hope I can be ready by the time I leave for Suriname! Which is in two weeks!!
    I am so grateful for my family and the experiences I have had! Thank you!!
    And thank you for all the letters and emails!! I appreciate them all!! I wish I had more time!!
    So I get my travel plans Friday yay!!!
    Also there was a french couple that spoke for devotional yesterday! The wife had a beautiful accent! She reminded me of mom! It made me sad! I miss you mom!!!
    Also we had TRC and I taught this old couple who were straight up from the Netherlands and they sounded just like our family back home!! I almost started crying! But I didn't thank goodness! That would have been bad!
    Well I love all of you so much! I feel the lords hand in my work already! It is the best thing in the world! t
Till next Wednesday!!

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