Wednesday, September 16, 2015


                                                           Before choir. We're cute!

 These are the few elders who talk to me in my zone! I love all of them! The far right one is going to Norway and he is from England! Has a cute little accent! The rest are going to Sweden. They all left Monday.

                                                                        My District

 So these elders are in my zone and are of the few elders in my zone who actually talk to me and are friends with me. I love these two! One is from France! Like straight up! He spoke french to me....I died, I love that language! I could listen to it all day! They are both going to Sweden.


I do not know where to start! So thank you!! To everyone who sent me letters!! And from the Young Women!! So nice!! I loved it!!! OMG! Please no more sweets!! My tongue is raw because of all the sugar! I think I am going to get diabetes. Oh well at least I know I will get something out of the mission. Keep sending letters and Dear Elders! I love them!! They make my day! Thank you mom for sending me your conversion story! I loved it!!

So this week I got my travel plans!!! soI leave the MTC at 3:35 am!!! So early! There are 8 of us going to Trinidad but only my district is speaking Dutch the rest are Spanish speaking. I have only met the sister and one elder in their district but I am excited to be traveling with her because she is so nice! Soo mom, dad expect a call on Monday at 5, 6 or 7 my time so it is an hour earlier your time. We fly to Texas, Houston then to Trinidad. We will arrive in Trinidad that same night! So that's awesome!!!

OK so there are bats in out residence!! There were 3 last night flying around our floor of the building! then today there are 3 more! I hope it doesn't get crazier till after I leave the MTC so they won't evacuate us. Haha.

Well ummmm, I realized I need to be more obedient. I stay In bed like a minute or two later and I feel like I should not do that. So I am going to try and have exact obedience!

Also I am super sad that I am leaving my companions. I love them sooo much!! and my teachers!!! I love brother Norton sooo much!! I hope I can be exactly like him when I get home from my mission! Also I am so grateful for all the experiences I have had in my life! I have been able to share them and they have helped in my lessons. Also they have made me the person I am today and I love it! I miss all of you!!


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