Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wednesday 9/2/2015, Peace....

So I just want to say thank you mom and dad for the package!! I loved it!! My companions were super stoked to because we share everything now! haha. Even clothes! It is really nice!
    So ummm where do I begin. My teacher brother Norton is the bom! I want to be him! I hope I can be the missionary he was because he is so spiritually in tune and knowledgeable about the gospel. He gave me a challenge to memorize 50 scriptures, with their references, background, and principal. So I accepted! I have got to push myself while I am out here!! We were doing role plays and I was teaching him, and then he thought me to help me. (all in dutch) I was the investigator and he was the missionary,  and he said I have to make the scriptures apply to them. Then I said well unlike you I don't know all the scriptures and can't pull them randomly out of my hat. That's is why he gave me the challenge. He has also helped me with my goal setting! He is basically my companion without being my companion. He is awesome!
    The language is getting better! I have learned more in this past week than I have ever learned in my whole life! It just makes me think how much I will learn in a year and a half! I am super excited to leave the MTC...even though it is only 3 weeks away! My teachers tell me I will love the sisters that just left before me. so that makes me happy. It is hard to teach and learn the language without a companion, but I can manage.
    So all the elders in my zone have treated me kinda like the forbidden fruit. The elders in my district told me that the elders in my zone told them they felt like they would flirt with me if they were to talk with dumb! One elder is like the flirting police. There are 2 old zone leaders I am more comfortable with and I talk to them and while I was talking to one of them and apparently the flirting police told him he was flirting or what we say here PG 33! Haha, so dumb!! It makes me mad because I am more close with my companions' zone than my own! There are two elders in their zone, the ones that are in the picture with us, Elder Carter and Elder Willson who are our best friends here! They have made us so happy because they are so funny! They definitely helped with the adapting to the MTC life. They just left us for the field today... I am super sad about it but we all exchanged emails and we are all planning on having a MTC reunion! So that is good!
    So funny thing! In my lesson with my investigator I did not know the word for peace.. so I figured I should throw up the peace sign she will understand! So I did... but then she was like 2? and still didn't get it.. hahah. Oh well haha.
    So elder oaks spoke at the devotional last night! I sang in the choir and it was awesome to sing for an apostle! I was a little disappointing on what he spoke about. He basically quoted all the preach my gospel handbook and talked about what our teachers tell us everyday. I was hoping for something new, but it was still cool! s
    So I don't know if I have put this in my email before but...we have to learn like a dialect language which they have in Suriname called Talky Talky, and apparently over there they do not knock on doors... they stand there and yell "klop klop", which means knock knock in talky talky; yeah weird!  
    Well I am doing good keep the dear elders coming!! Thank you to everyone who sent them they have been so nice and I will try to get back to you as much as I can! Mom if there is anyway could you send me yellow deli chips?
Love all of you sooo much I am doing great things here I can feel it!

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